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Dried peaches, maybe? Plums?

Next in the series of random packages of unidentifiable food…

No English, strange unidentifiable contents, we’re good to go. In case you are wondering about the date on the bottom, that’s the date of manufacture, NOT the expiration date. I know this because there’s some English on the back.

But the English on the back isn’t exactly very helpful when it comes to figuring out what I’m eating. The list of ingredients says thusly:

Very nice, but not exactly enlightening. Is it peaches or plums? I used google translate to help me out, and those first two characters in the chinese list of ingredients is “peach plum”. Ok, so maybe it was some kind of hybrid plant we don’t have an English name for.

Here’s what they look like as individuals:

They’re sort of like dried dates in color and texture.

Smell-wise, they’re nothing at all like dates. The smell of alcohol or fermentation was a little strong; enough that it was slightly disconcerting. And the taste was about the same. If you’ve ever had plum wine, you’ll recognize these immediately.

They don’t taste bad, and maybe in a different mood I might like them. But the slightly sour/vinegar taste made them less appealing as a snack than they should have been. Otherwise they were just a normal dried fruit. I didn’t finish them. I had a few and called it good.

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  1. Joe Kerman

    Its got Kermes in it! how could you go wrong? :D Thanks so much for the blog so far, its been fascinating to read! We are all rooting for you :D

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