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I’m a Software/Hardware engineer from U.S.A. I grew up in Montana, got a degree in computer engineering at Oregon State, worked for 7 years at a research laboratory in Washington state, and then started my own business and moved to Wisconsin.

In 2012 I was chosen for the first year of HAXLR8R, a Chinese hardware startup accelerator to work on my product, the Portable Electronic Scoreboard. I had never been to China, and Shenzhen and Hong Kong are a mecca for electronics products. I created this blog to document my travel there and observations and lessons about working in manufacturing in China. I know that a lot of people go over there to work, but I couldn’t find the details about what steps are necessary; everything from finding an apartment and getting a phone to ordering food to getting around, to making contacts or working with local businesses.

Hopefully this blog will help you understand what it means when you see the “Made in China” labels, and get help with going over there to do it yourself.

Getting Around This Site

This blog serves two purposes; documenting MY experiences, and helping other people with theirs. Posts are categorized as General, meaning they provide advice and general assistance, and My Experience. If you want to follow one or the other, use the Categories widget on the side to filter. If you want an organized guide for the general posts with checklists, go to The Basics page.

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  1. Lindy Le Coq

    This is so cool Bob! Congratulations and Bon Voyage!!

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