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My new favorite breakfast

Since moving from my old moldy place to a spare bedroom in someone else’s, my morning commute has changed slightly. This puts me directly in front of Ichibenor, which is a chain of bakeries. Inside I found this roll. The green tint is because it’s green tea flavored. The red things are beans, which the Chinese use all the time in desserts. And no meal would be complete without some sort of rice or rice derivative, so the gooey inside is a rice jelly. It’s pretty tasty, and the convenience of having it on the way eliminates my need to go an extra stop for buns in the morning.

Ichibenor and King Arch are the two big bakery chains, and they are everywhere. You won’t see loaves of bread, but there are lots of smaller treats that you would find in the glass cases of a bakery.

mmmm. Green tea, beans, and rice jelly. Everything about this is so Chinese!

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