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KFC is HUGE in China. You’ll find one on just about every other block. They have delivery bikes, a breakfast menu, and many are open 24 hours. One night, partly because I was tired and hungry and didn’t want to worry, and also partly in the interest of experimentation, I ignored my hatred of chain restaurants and gave it another chance.

I ordered a fried chicken sandwich combo, which included a drink, fries, starfish shaped fried fish thingy, and some chicken on a stick.

And how did it taste? Worse than I expected, even for fast food. Lukewarm fries, warm flat soda without ice, soggy bun, and everything was fried so I didn’t really feel better afterwards. The prices are the same as you would expect in the States, which is to say ridiculously high for China. It’s amazing that this place is as popular as it is. I guess it shouldn’t really surprise me that one of the worst meals I’ve had in China has been Western fast food.

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