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Computer Security

There has been a lot of publicity recently about electronic security when working in China. There are horror stories of infected computers that come back and infiltrate corporate networks, of eavesdropped cell phones, and of IP theft. A NY Times article discusses it further.

I plan to be careful. I’ll be bringing my netbook with me and wiping it before and after I return.

I have more details, but I won’t divulge them until I return, and then I’ll update this post with exactly what security measures I use. Sure, there’s no security in obscurity, but there’s no point in making it easy for China to own me.

Until this post is updated later, it will suffice to say that IF you decide to bring any technology with you, make sure to keep it close to you and take precautions to make sure that it does not get infected and that even if it did get infected, it couldn’t infect anything else.

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